Roku Remote Not Working

Roku Remote Not Working – Helpful Tips

It can be quite frustrating when you get home after a long day to unwind and face a Roku remote not working situation. There is nothing worse than to ease into your favorite chair looking forward to streaming your favorite channel, only to find that the Roku remote is not responding.

Fortunately, there are not many things that can go with your Roku remote. Certain problems may have resulted in the remote becoming sluggish or not responding actively. You should be able to get the remote in working order again with some clever troubleshooting tips explained below.

Hot Tips When Roku Remote Not Working

Replace batteries

The most obvious reason for the remote to be not functioning is dead batteries. Check the LED light at the front of the remote. Press a couple of buttons. If the light does not come on, then your batteries are drained and it is time to get some new ones.

You should insert 2 new AA batteries in such a situation. You would need to pair the remote once again with your Roku device after replacing the batteries. Once you switch on the device, the remote pairing box will automatically show up on the TV screen. Simply, follow the instructions to get your Roku remote working as before.

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Repair the remote

Another common reason for Roku remote not working is an error in pairing. You can always Re-pair your remote with the device. To do this, you need to:

  • Find the black pairing button which is located in the remote’s battery compartment
  • Long press and hold this black button for a few seconds until the LED light at the front flashes once
  • Remote pairing dialogue shall appear on the screen. Follow those instructions to successfully pair your remote with your device.

Restart the device and remote

If nothing works, you should try restarting your device and remote to get them to work in sync.

Restarting Roku device

To restart your Roku device, you need to turn it off and unplug it from the power supply socket. Make sure you wait for a minimum of 5 seconds before you attempt to plug it back in. Insert the power cord properly in the socket and turn the device on. While you are restarting the device, you can get started on your Roku remote.

Restarting Roku remote

While waiting for the Roku device after unplugging it, open the battery compartment of your Roku remote and remove the batteries. Insert new ones if you feel the existing ones are drained. Make sure the batteries are seated well in the compartment.

Once you restart the Roku device and remote, you would have to pair the remote again with the device. Simply follow the instructions that pop up in the dialogue box after firing up the device.

Clearing Roku Remote

Another way to fix a Roku remote not working situation is to clear the remote. You would have to remove the batteries and long press the A, B, and black pairing button. The LED light shall flash three times to indicate the remote is cleared.

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