How To Set Up Using Roku Activation Code

Content streaming could not be made simpler or more convenient than Roku player. All you need to watch your favorite shows is to plug the device to the HDMI port in your TV and connect to the internet. The Roku Activation Code or activation link would need to be used to start streaming for the first time.

Roku Activation Code is the code that gets displayed on your TV set when you complete the pairing. This code is also known as Roku TV Link Code.

Set up Your Roku Device

It is quite simple to pair your Roku device with your TV and activate it. However, it is possible to get stuck during the setup and activation process which can lead to frustrating errors.

These steps will help you get set-up in minimal time:

  • Connect your device to a power source and prepare your TV for the pairing.
  • Use your HDMI cable to connect the Roku device with your TV. Make sure you connect the cable properly in all the right spots.
  • You would need to choose the correct sequence of HDMI input in your TV.
  • Connect your streaming device to the internet.
  • Double check your network credentials.
  • Activate your Roku account.

Make Use of Your Roku Activation Code

You would need to activate the Roku account before you can start streaming. These steps will help you use your Roku Activation Code:

  • Create a Roku account or simply sign in with existing credentials
  • Make sure the device is updated with the latest software
  • Visit activation and type in the link code in the box
  • You would receive a Roku Activation Code in your account. This code is a one-time, unique code.
  • You can auto activate your device by entering this unique Roku Activation Code

You are all set up and ready to subscribe to your favorite Roku channels. You need to make sure that you set up correctly and input the Roku Activation Code without any errors.

Common Errors Involved in Roku Activation Code

The most common error that people get while setting up is entering the wrong Roku Activation Code. You would get this error at the time of entering the code. Double-check the code and re-enter. There is a possibility that you are facing an internet error or there is a server/network issue.

In this case, you should check the internet connection to ensure that everything is working fine. Make sure you have entered correct Roku account credentials.

You can get a new Roku Activation Code by pressing the start button on your Roku remote. Attempt to get your device linked by entering this new code in the link page. Make sure you enter the code correctly.

Activation Error 001 is a common Roku error while setting up. This can be caused by any reason, like server error, set-up error, or error from the streaming stick.

You would need to troubleshoot the error and fix it. You could also consider calling in the Roku help experts to set up the device for you.